Outputs of ValChild

OUTPUT 1 : Evidence-based validation requirements and criteria – EN

  1. Definition of evidence collection methodology and tools
  2. Evidence collection on best VNIL practices and common barriers to implementing assessment
  3. Development of evidence-based validation requirements and criteria

OUTPUT 2 : VALCHILD assessment and validation toolbox – EN ELNL FR PT

  1. Procedures of Validation of Prior Learning (VPL), existing in partners┬┤ countries
  2. Tools for Validation of Prior Learning
  3. Annexes: a) qualification profile of a childminder, b) Practical examination framework and processes, c)Making your competences visible.

OUTPUT 3 : VALCHILD recommendations and certification scheme – EN – EL – NLFR PT

O4. An evaluation report on the developed materials and tools.

O5. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and a position paper to influence and support policy making to further simplifying the transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications across Europe.

M.E. Three workshops in Ireland, France, and Portugal to run a pilot test of the VALCHILD assessment & validation framework

M.E. Two national information days in Greece and the Netherlands to share and disseminate project results.

Video: A picture of ValCild (by ECI)