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Project “Child in Mind” – Information Day – 16.01.2019

Project ChildInMind is aimed at the development of self-learning resources for informal childminders based on the needs to promote the quality of services provided by care services for children aged 0-6 years, which do not attend kindergarten or need care in hours that formal arrangements are not available.

More information about the project:

ValChild Information Days and Workshops 2019-2020

Three workshops are planned for the purpose of sharing and valorising the VALCHILD outputs through the pilot testing, with the participation of validation stakeholders (certified bodied & institutions), sector employers, field experts, and practitioners in childminding.

  1. ValdChild workshop in Dublin (IE) – September 2020
  2. ValdChild workshop in Alençon or Paris (FR) – September 2020
  3. ValdChild workshop in Lisbon (PT) – September 2020

Furthermore two information days are planned to present the project’s objectives, activities, results, and outputs to the target groups ValChild

  • ValdChild Information Day in Greece – February 2021
  • ValdChild Information Day in the Netherlands – February 2021

On 16 Janaury 2019 the European Project “Child in Mind” will hold their Information day .